Joanne – Spirituality and Life

Individuals from all realms of life are answering to an “inner-calling” in greater numbers than ever before in history. For many of these people, this is a call to action, and they are driven by a deep desire to contribute to the creation of a more caring, loving, and peaceful society.

In many people, there is a longing to do more to improve their own spirituality, and in turn, improve the spirituality of those around them.

In each and every minute of our existence, we are confronted with a choice.

It’s a choice – Do we dwell on the materialistic aspects of life and our little tiny existence, or do we commit ourselves to doing good deeds for others and treating others with love, generosity, respect, and compassion?

Creating a Positive Impact is a chance for me to reflect on and grow from my own personal struggles, uncertainties, and worries while also inspiring and educating others to do so.

Spirit has given me the task of fulfilling my ‘Purpose’ and bringing ‘Light’ to those who desire it, and I intend to do so by utilizing my skills with passion and purpose and contributing significantly to others’ lives.

Together with like-minded people, I want to help others discover their inner-self so that they, too, can live out their lives with joy, purpose, and love.

Even though I am only one voice, when we all raise our voices in unison, we form a thunderous roar that reverberates throughout the entire world and the entire universe.

In order to help you, I have compiled some important thoughts in these posts.

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